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Comment on "The Impact of MacHeist"
by Scott Stevenson — Dec 17
@Uli: People who only see what's in the Apple Store will not see MacHeist or any of the blogs. People who already saw the blogs will surely already know the apps.

I'm pretty sure there are people out there who are on social web sites like Digg that don't read Mac blogs. Not only do those people hear about it, but they tell the people they know

TextMate won an Apple Design Award this year, and Delicious Library has been reviewed in every offline Mac publication I know. Your arguments in that case just don't click for me.

I think you might be overestimating the impact of each of these individually. The ADAs reach one kind of person (a very, very small group), the paper-based publications hit a few more, and MacHeist is yet another venue for a different type of reader --- one who does not buy Mac magazines but does read popular web sites.

Can you elaborate why you think there are people that would know MacHeist but not DL or TextMate?

I don't think they knew about MacHeist before hand, but rather would heard from it from the network effect of the web. It's pretty clear to bet that's what Wil Shipley believes as well, and it sounds like he has numbers to back it up.

The kind of people who would only know stuff sold in retail definitely do not visit such sites

I had two separate points here which I think got unintentionally blended into one. They are:

1. TextMate and Delicious Library are only well-known inside a very small group, though that group is enough for them to be profitable

2. There are people who heard about MacHeist and indie Mac software via non-Mac-specific social sites like Digg,, and so on.
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