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Comment on "The Impact of MacHeist"
by Ted — Dec 17
Scott, you couldn't be more on the money. I consider myself "in the know" - I write about the Mac, I'm a amateur developer, I attended WWDC this year, yada, yada, yada... and still, Macheist made me a customer of three apps I previously knew about, but never bothered to use.

For example, I've played with Delicious Library over the years, but could never really see a need for it myself. Once I got the bundle, I gave it another go, and ended up spending an hour scanning in my books and dvds. There's a lot more under the surface that I wasn't aware that DL was capable of. I'm a customer now, and I'll most definitely upgrade to v. 2 when it comes out.

The second app I discovered was FotoMagico. I've been a user of StillLife for a number of years to produce movie montages that I would burn in iDVD for gifts to the family. StillLife seems to be on (still) life support, so I haven't been using it this year. I gave FotoMagico a shot it's a great upgrade from StillLife. I'll be using to produce my holiday DVDs this year.

And finally, there's TextMate. I've dabbled with it over the last year. I mainly use skEdit, but ever since SK joined Apple, he's not putting that much time in to his product and it's not really progressing that fast. I've been looking at TextMate, but $53 for a text editor seemed a little excessive to mean when I had already paid for skEdit. Well, now that I got TextEdit in the bundle, I've been using it exclusively for the last week, and I have to say, I'm sold.

I can fully appreciate certain developers feeling that the promo was not fair to them in regards to compensation. That's their right, and nobody forced them to sign on the dotted line. However, it seems from the feedback we are getting from the developers who were involved, that they gained much much more than the initial licensing fee.

It's Gus' right to feel that it wasn't a good deal for him, and it's Gruber's right to complain about the financials of it for the Mac developer. But what I hear in these sentiments is a complete lack of respect for what the MacHeist team did. They created a kick ass website that sold upwards of 15,000 bundles inside of a week. They generated a buzz that has not been seen in the indie Mac scene since, I don't know - forever. And they sustained it for a week. They may have just been a bunch of web developers and marketers, but they were successful beyond their wildest dreams with this project. Their efforts should not be pooh - pooh. They earned every dime they made on this promo.
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