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Comment on "The Impact of MacHeist"
by Dan Price — Dec 18
I have a couple of problems with MacHeist. First, the name, which implies stealing or software piracy. There are a lot of warez sites out there (yes, even for the Mac) and this, combined with the buzz surrounding MacAppaDay and MyDreamApp immediately implied to me that something was fishy.

Second, it was 'Week of the Independent Software Developer' which I opposed given that (a)MacHeist was taking the lion's share of the profits for hugely-discounted software and (b)most the apps on offer were already well-know and IMHO, more style than substance (AppZapper, Disco etc) for which superior, cheaper alternatives exist. Had Heist given exposure to the real gems, the little apps and utilities that don't have flashy websites and smoking windows, I may have been sympathetic.

Yes, all this has generated interest and exposure, but it does seem to me like the apps on offer were already well known precisely as those were the developers the Heist team approached to give credability to the whole enterprise. Had these apps been real the 'unknowns' - the new apps that really need more exposure - then I doubt the site would have even registered on the radar.

I still feel that if people really want to support indie software, they should but this stuff from the Devs themselves.
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