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Comment on "The Impact of MacHeist"
by Scott Stevenson — Dec 18
MacHeist was taking the lion's share of the profits for hugely-discounted software

Your thoughts are shared by some other developers, so I believe there is value in what you say. However, I think some got so focused on the percentages for an individual sale that they missed the consideration of whether that sale would have been made at all otherwise.

Ideally, it's better if a customer buys directly from the developer, but it takes more than simply being theoretically possible. The same goes for the charities. People could donate of their own accord, but the point is moot because MacHeist orchestrated donations that wouldn't have happened otherwise, raising awareness about the charities in the process.

Had Heist given exposure to the real gems, the little apps and utilities that don't have flashy websites and smoking windows, I may have been sympathetic

I really do hear what you're saying and understand why you say it, but I think it would have been nearly impossible to run a contest around unknown and more utilitarian apps. Frankly, I think this would have put a chill on the Mac software market because the options would seem thin.

MacHeist clearly chose apps that would have the most immediately recognizable value to casual observers. If it takes 30 minutes to figure out what's being offered, the system doesn't work.
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