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Comment on "Cocoa Blogs RSS for Site Supporters"
by Hawk — Dec 19
I'm starting to see a trend here. After the MacHeist craze, suddenly most people that are in some way prominent in the mac community woke up and realize they can charge money for they do.

For example, just today, there was a discussion on #macdev, a legendary mac hacking chat room on IRC, where a bunch of people started discussing creating a competitor to DTS (where you pay to get help on specific cocoa or developer issues) and tie it into the chat room.

I.e., new people that would come into the room would be presented with a link where they could go to pay, before getting any of the precious people's time.

Blogs like this, and others want to get their share for new stuff they come up with. Etc.

I'm not saying it's inherently bad to charge money for things, I'm just a bit sad about where things seem to be going, because the mac community is something special in that it's not only about "putting food on the table" and "corporate services" to the left and right (like in the Windows world).

That personality is a great community where smart and creative help each other to improve an already-great platform.

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