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Comment on "Cocoa Blogs RSS for Site Supporters"
by George Sudarkoff — Dec 19
I think you are making a mistake. What exactly is the value that you're adding to the content that is already available for free elsewhere? We don't need another "dumb" aggregator, we're happy with our RSS readers for the most part.

I do see the opportunity for building an interesting community here. Community that will bring value to your project. But it takes months if not years for anything meaningful to form. And it takes A LOT of work. I would concentrate my efforts on that first, before impairing the access to something that doesn't even exist yet.

I have nothing against people trying to make some money on their expertise (if they have one - good for them). Even on other people's expertise (which takes some talent to implement). But it hurts to see silly suicidal entrepreneurs trying to scam a few hundred dollars (or a few hundred thousand dollars - it's all the same) out of a bunch of enthusiasts while permanently damaging their good name in the process. You fuck up once and nobody is going to look in your direction for the second time. Of course, you might think that making a few hundred thousand dollars is worth it. Well, it's your life.
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