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Comment on "Cocoa Blogs RSS for Site Supporters"
by Jan — Dec 19
George: I seriously don't see Scott aiming for a suicidal, scammy and silly fuck-up. I see your point, but it just does not apply here. I am pretty sure that Scott can earn his money otherwise but he decides to spend a significant amount of time doing the Apple Developer Community huge favours. If he then asks for donations I can't see any scam or greed.

Hawk: Making money off free content via donations is not a new concept and I don't see things going all commercial in the community. On the contrary, with people like Daniel Jalkud bothering others to blog about what they do, more, new content arrives every day — for free. And with Cocoa Blogs more developers get exposed to more blogs which in turn (maybe) encourages the writers to write more.

I can't see anything wrong with providing an RSS feed as a gesture for kind donators.

Anyway, when did you donate?
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