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Comment on "Cocoa Blogs RSS for Site Supporters"
by Jesper — Dec 19
The idea is not to generate a payment right then, but to make it clear before you start reading that this took some real effort to create, and if you like it as you read along, a donation would be very much appreciated before you leave.

Sure, sure. I'm just saying that putting the entire donation form there looks obtrusive. There are two points I'm arguing here: 1) A simple "If you enjoy this tutorial, you can always donate a few bucks. The complete instructions are at the bottom." with a link that either takes you there or moves the donation form up there would do a lot. 2) With the full donation form at the bottom, you're capturing those who read the full thing and are more likely to want to donate.

I'm also arguing that I am, probably, way more likely to donate $21 than the average visitor, I realize how much work there is to edit and pick nuggets from what has to be at least 50 weblogs (29 listed ones and surely a lot of candidates) on a regular basis, and *even so* I'm instinctively cringing at the coupling of $21 with this concept. I know that this is a whole deal, but it doesn't feel like it.

On further reflection, there are a lot of pans on the stove here: Theocacao, CDC, CB - why not ask for separate and smaller payments instead? The lower the initial cost, the more likely people are to chip in. Being able to spare $5 on four occasions is something I think people are willing to do more than paying $20 once.
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