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Comment on "Techniques for Finding a Wii"
by Andy Finnell — Dec 20
OK, that really cracked me up. I would love to know if you'd get charged an incident for that or not.

It also reminded me of an event at the end of the Dreamweaver 8 cycle, back when I was working for Macrodobia. We were tracking down the last of the Mac performance problems, and a beta tester had recently reported a particularly troubling performance bug.

Instead of letting me track down the issue, I was told that upper management wanted me to ask Apple what the problem was. The problem was, we didn't know what the problem was. We just had a bug report from a user, with no investigation, so we didn't where the bug was, or whose it was. The reasoning seemed to be: let Apple spend resources fixing our bug, so we don't have to.

Unfortunately, because of the lack of information, I had no idea what to ask our Apple rep. My first draft was:

We don't have a clue. Do you have an app that fixes that?

I eventually rewrote the question to use weasel words, but, unfortunately, Apple still hasn't come out with iClue, and Apple never came up with a response.
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