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Comment on "Techniques for Finding a Wii"
by svend — Dec 21
Dear Wombat,

I realize that your comment was probably rather tongue in cheek but in case there really are people reading this who don't know what a Wii is I'd like to share my experience.

I have never felt the urge to buy a game console. Heck, I never play any games, on a console or on my computer (except Photoshop ;) ). But the hype around the Wii intrigued me, so I started checking out videos of people playing. I was amazed. Yesterday I walked into a local consumer electronics shop and out of curiosity asked wether they had a Wii. To my utter surprise they said yes (it's supposed to be completely sold out where I live) and on impulse I bought it.

Long story short: even though I've never used a game console ever (except one time, many years back, some other Nintendo-thingy (Mario-something, I was crap, couldn't figure out the controls)) I instantly understood the system and what's more: I had 4 friends round last night and we were literally screaming with laughter for hours on end. Rayman totally killed us laughing and with all the physical, bodily action required. I still have sore arms from the WiiSports "boxing", and my belly still aches from all the laughing.

A word of caution though: take the advice about using the wrist-strap seriously! A friend of mine first thing slammed the remote into the TV-set while "bowling"... luckily both the remote and the TV-set weren't damaged.
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