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Comment on "A Simple Five-Button USB Mouse"
by Andy Lee — Dec 28
The soft texture and low profile are details that caught my eye -- I rarely hear mice described with those attributes. The muscle in the palm of my hand gets sore if the mouse hump is too high. (I think it's partly because my hands are very small.) And with totally smooth hard surfaces, like on all of Apple's recent mice, that same part of my hand starts to get irritated.

Years ago I used a super-cheap PC mouse with a rubberized surface which I loved. I've considered trying to rubberize the surface of my Mighty Mouse, but currently I'm using a cheap Microsoft USB optical mouse. I keep coming back to Microsoft mice; the cheapest ones ($20 or less) seem to be the most comfortable. I always try to get one with a texturized surface and as low a profile as possible.

If I start itching for a change I'll check out the Kensington Optical Elite.
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