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Comment on "My Video Interview on Pomcast"
by Jonas Greitemann — Jan 08
Thank you guys!
I'm 15-year-old German student, doing Cocoa/ObjC programming for about one year. Theococoa and Cocoa Dev Central did a great job helping me get into all this difficult stuff.
Because I'm from good old Germany, Objective-C's square brackets turn me crazy sometimes, having to press option-5/6. I really will appreciate the dot-syntax in Objective-C 2.0, not having to jump through my code, but typing continuously.
Your simile Cocoa/ObjC - Rails/Ruby was very interesting and I'm looking forward to making my own website using Rails.
You can be very lucky living in the valley. I'll go there as soon as possible after finishing school. The podcast's forgoing impressions of the valley were very nice, giving me a feeling of where you live, and even intensified my desire to go there.
I wish you a lot of fun on tomorrow's Keynote and look forward on lots of informative and funny posts of yours after Macworld.
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