My Video Interview on Pomcast

The Pomcast podcast is doing a series of interviews during Macworld week, and I was asked to do a video interview on Wednesday. The topics range from learning Cocoa, how I got started, what's coming up in Leopard, living in the valley, and even a bit of Ruby on Rails.

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I really like the style the video was shot in. Good feeling, good questions, great music backing. Basically it was a lot of fun to do.


I'm in good company. Pomcast has interviewed a number of Mac programmers: Dan Wood and Terrence Talbot, John Fox, Coding Monkeys, Daniel Counsell, Andy Kim, Thorsten Lemke, and one of the recent interviews was a rep from Parallels. I think I really lucked out getting to do a video in person because it feels much more intimate.

Pomcast in iTunes

Pomcast is unique in that shows are produced shows in four languages: English, French, German and Spanish. The content isn't identical because not all guests speak multiple languages. But it's a pretty amazing production. Mr. "StuFF mc," by the way, is an insane linguist. He's fluent in five languages and I personally heard him speak three. It turns I actually remember some German, so maybe I should go back to learning the language.
In addition to the video interview, there's also an audio version available. It's about 29 minutes long, but the actual conversation is less than that.

Side Note About Cocoa Dev Central

I misheard one of the questions during the interview, which unintentionally makes it sound like I started Cocoa Dev Central. I didn't realize this until watching the video afterwards. The founders were actually Erik Barzeski (check out Scorecard), Brad Miller, and Andreas Monitzer. It was the initial time they invested that built the name and gave me something to work with.

That said, I think the site has changed a lot since I started working on it. has the last version of the site before I took it over. I'm pretty happy with the way things have evolved, and I hope Erik, Brad and Andy are happy with what I did with the foundation they built.
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My Video Interview on Pomcast
Posted Jan 7, 2007 — 7 comments below


StuFF mc — Jan 08, 07 3090

This is a wonderfull post ! I swear to whatever I believe (my daughter ?) that I did not paid Scott to write something as nice about me :)

Jan — Jan 08, 07 3094

This is one cool interview! From both of you.

Jonas Greitemann — Jan 08, 07 3104

Thank you guys!
I'm 15-year-old German student, doing Cocoa/ObjC programming for about one year. Theococoa and Cocoa Dev Central did a great job helping me get into all this difficult stuff.
Because I'm from good old Germany, Objective-C's square brackets turn me crazy sometimes, having to press option-5/6. I really will appreciate the dot-syntax in Objective-C 2.0, not having to jump through my code, but typing continuously.
Your simile Cocoa/ObjC - Rails/Ruby was very interesting and I'm looking forward to making my own website using Rails.
You can be very lucky living in the valley. I'll go there as soon as possible after finishing school. The podcast's forgoing impressions of the valley were very nice, giving me a feeling of where you live, and even intensified my desire to go there.
I wish you a lot of fun on tomorrow's Keynote and look forward on lots of informative and funny posts of yours after Macworld.

David — Jan 08, 07 3106

Alas, the movie's feed is < 6k/sec. It would take > 8 hours to download at that rate.

jcburns — Jan 08, 07 3107

I dunno, maybe it's me, but I kept wanting to slap the interviewer around.
He seemed intent on framing OS X/ObjC/Cocoa as this under-documented technology compared to the splendor that is MSDN.
I gotta tell you, I've been way luckier finding what I needed in the Apple Dev docs than I have ever in Microsoftland.
I liked the audio montage he did at the beginning (although I really didn't need the train ride at the end) and maybe he was pressed for time, but I really wanted him to cut to something other than that one shot throughout...please! (I would have been equally happy if he framed the interviewer out of the shot.)
You, Scott, on the other hand came off as poised and genial, which I guess is just what one would want...although the more you talked the more the mystery of how your Apple connections led to your current life seemed to deepen rather than become clear.

Scott Stevenson — Jan 08, 07 3110 Scotty the Leopard

@David: Alas, the movie's feed is < 6k/sec
I think that's just a temporary issue. I was getting 160k/sec a couple of days ago.

@jcburns: He seemed intent on framing OS X/ObjC/Cocoa as this under-documented technology compared to the splendor that is MSDN
I don't think that was his intention, and he certainly didn't come off like that in person. To be fair, I think he was probably asking the questions that he thought was on the minds of his viewers. By asking the question, he gives me an opportunity to say something about it. I think the Apple docs are great overall.

As for the comments on the photography, I'm really happy with the way it was shot. I think a casual documentary style fits better in this case than something that feels more polished, though I realize that's at least somewhat due to personal taste. It wouldn't work in all situations, of course. But I think it did here.

The problem with multiple shots is that you can't tell what was cut and what was spliced together. It can end taking things out of context and changing the meaning of what I said. The fact that it's all done in a single shot removes that ambiguity. What you see is essentially what you get.

although the more you talked the more the mystery of how your Apple connections led to your current life seemed to deepen rather than become clear
I didn't mean it to come off that way. I just answered each question in the clearest way I possibly could at the time.

Jan — Jan 12, 07 3220

@Jonas: I'm from GOG as well but I switched to a British/US keyboard layout for programming years ago. Everything makes much more sense this way. And with quick key-layout-switching with option-command-space the German keymap wit all the Umlauts is really nearby.


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