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Comment on "My Video Interview on Pomcast"
by jcburns — Jan 08
I dunno, maybe it's me, but I kept wanting to slap the interviewer around.
He seemed intent on framing OS X/ObjC/Cocoa as this under-documented technology compared to the splendor that is MSDN.
I gotta tell you, I've been way luckier finding what I needed in the Apple Dev docs than I have ever in Microsoftland.
I liked the audio montage he did at the beginning (although I really didn't need the train ride at the end) and maybe he was pressed for time, but I really wanted him to cut to something other than that one shot throughout...please! (I would have been equally happy if he framed the interviewer out of the shot.)
You, Scott, on the other hand came off as poised and genial, which I guess is just what one would want...although the more you talked the more the mystery of how your Apple connections led to your current life seemed to deepen rather than become clear.
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