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Comment on "My Video Interview on Pomcast"
by Scott Stevenson — Jan 08
@David: Alas, the movie's feed is < 6k/sec
I think that's just a temporary issue. I was getting 160k/sec a couple of days ago.

@jcburns: He seemed intent on framing OS X/ObjC/Cocoa as this under-documented technology compared to the splendor that is MSDN
I don't think that was his intention, and he certainly didn't come off like that in person. To be fair, I think he was probably asking the questions that he thought was on the minds of his viewers. By asking the question, he gives me an opportunity to say something about it. I think the Apple docs are great overall.

As for the comments on the photography, I'm really happy with the way it was shot. I think a casual documentary style fits better in this case than something that feels more polished, though I realize that's at least somewhat due to personal taste. It wouldn't work in all situations, of course. But I think it did here.

The problem with multiple shots is that you can't tell what was cut and what was spliced together. It can end taking things out of context and changing the meaning of what I said. The fact that it's all done in a single shot removes that ambiguity. What you see is essentially what you get.

although the more you talked the more the mystery of how your Apple connections led to your current life seemed to deepen rather than become clear
I didn't mean it to come off that way. I just answered each question in the clearest way I possibly could at the time.
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