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Comment on "A Keynote of Surprises"
by Ben — Jan 09
I'm a little bit underwhelmed actually. The theme for today was "going after the extremely high end." It's a good long term play, because today's high end is tomorrow's mass market, but it will be a while before many people can afford the phone, and the iTV still seems like a waste of money for now (all that and i *still* have to pay $2 a TV show?).

The phone does some neat stuff, but it's sort of nerdy looking in that form factor. I would expect a "nano" mass market SKU at some point by holiday this year.

(Re: phone OS X? It's certainly not running the normal window management UI stuff. I suspect that by "OS X" they mean an xnu/BSD kernel with some custom mini-Quartz and appkit layer. I doubt this looks internally just like a Mac but with a different window manager.)
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