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Comment on "A Keynote of Surprises"
by David — Jan 09
720p content? How about over the air? Millions of people around the world receive (and record, through their DVR or EyeTV or what-have-you) HDTV for free through DVB-T.

No mention, implicitly or otherwise, of divx/xvid support. Heavy-handed iTunes Store references only.

As for the phone. Well, bad luck to the majority of Apple customers who don't happen to (a) live in the US, and (b) don't wish to or can't connect to Cingular. Looks like a high tech, overpriced yuppie toy, but then so did the original iPod and look what happened there.

I guess we just have to wait 6 weeks or so for the "special event" that will actually show the stuff we want to see: new Mac hardware (Mac Mini??), Leopard, iLife, displays, etc.
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