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Comment on "A Keynote of Surprises"
by Marco Masser — Jan 11
I'm from Austria / Europe and I have to say that I really like the iPhone and what it looks like, but the connection abilities of the device are just strange (at best) if you look to European or Asian mobile markets. No HSDPA? No UMTS? That means, if you're not somewhere near a WLAN you have the key for, you can't really use the internet features (not fast enough, that is). I'm with Hutchison G3 Mobile (or just "3"), which is a mobile provider using UMTS in Austria's bigger cities and which uses roaming to a GSM (1800 MHz) network when somewhere else. They provide mobile internet, mobile music downloads, mobile TV and much more. The Apple iPhone would be perfect for them, if it just didn't use old technology in this critical area.
Of course (afaik, at least), in the USA, there's no real UMTS provider around that would give this technology in the iPhone some sense.

Btw: could it be that Apple will be the only one providing "real" applications for the iPhone but allow developers to make those Widgets?
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