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Comment on "Developing for the iPhone"
by Josh Pyles — Jan 14
Yea I agree that it could cause network trouble, but I think it could be prevented. Honestly, Pocket PC and Palm both have *smartphone* versions of their products that could potentially do the same thing but they put in protection. It's not that the device has to have it, but the potential is so great, and if i am going to spend 5-600 bucks on essentially a mini macbook, it better have support for 3rd party programs. Especially when I can get a blackberry or even a free phone that supports 3rd party programs for much cheaper. I love the iPhone, but i am just really dissapointed that we can't program for it, or customize it. After all, I would love to make keynotes, and pages documents, and just use it as an ultra-portable. Just my opinion :)
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