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Comment on "Developing for the iPhone"
by Lieven Dekeyser — Jan 14
The second Steve Jobs told us this thing was running OS X, I thought "Adium! Skype! NetNewsWire! SSH! VNC!". Then about 2 seconds later I started imagining the stuff I could write for this thing myself, uploading photos I've just taken to my website, advanced remote control for my mini,...

There is a difference between Pocket PC, Palm, Blackberry and the iPhone: target audience. Apple is going after the masses (not with this release and at this price point, but eventually they will), and so it poses a greater risk than the existing devices that are just used by some geeks and business types.

I think a simple solution would be to let 3rd party applications run in a managed environment and allow for different levels of access to the network.

For example, unsigned applications would not get network access at all, signed 3rd party applications could get access to the wireless network, and only applications that have been signed and verified by apple or cingular (I guess that would pretty much mean only apps from apple or cingular themselves) could get access to the GSM/EDGE network.

An application could for example be allowed to provide a number to the phone call application but would not be able to initiate the call.
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