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Comment on "Developing for the iPhone"
by Lemont Washington — Jan 17
Hey Scott! It was nice meeting you finally at WWDC. I think it was in the Objective C 2.0 session. You know what would be a good idea.... I know Apple wants to protect the iPhone platform, it would be nice if they allowed registered ADC members to buy some special version of the phone or somehow unlock it so we can write apps that we want to use in our own fields or for personal use. That way Apple can keep an eye out for what gets produced from third parties without worring about marring the average consumers experience with the iPhone. They could even approach developers who's apps interest them. I think this would be a good compromise. Because lets be honest, most of us don't really expect initially for this to be a lucrative market (it will at some point) but a lot of us probably really want to code this for ourselves. How cool would it be to use the proximity sensor to turn your machine's screen saver on or to write an app that does something specific to your needs. id easily pay 1000$ for that privilege. Yeah, apple should charge an arm and a leg for a special developer version of the iphone.
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