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Comment on "Developing for the iPhone"
by Bret — Jan 18
The solution is simple and obvious: a developer-only version of the iPhone OS available from ADC with select or premier membership, under the same terms as your seeds (i.e., NDA), that when installed allows you to run apps signed with your key, a new version of Xcode that targets the iPhone, and the only way to get a 3rd party app to install on a consumer iPhone is to first demonstrate to Apple (via the compatibility labs, perhaps?) that it's safe (then they will sign it with their "blessed" key). Additionally, the developer version of the OS could require a special SIM card, only available to registered ADC select or premier members.

You, as a developer, leak the developer OS version? Face the lawyers (same as if you leaked the Leopard seeds, or any other Apple confidential stuff).

You, as a consumer, download the leaked developer OS version? Not only will you face the lawyers (they'll know the instant it logs on to the Cingular net and, um, "phones home") but you will have your SIM card immediately canceled, and you won't be able to get a new one.

See... simple! Quality 3rd party apps, without the hazard to consumers, Apple, or Cingular. :-)
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