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Comment on "Developing for the iPhone"
by Blain — Jan 18
Oh, duh. I just realized that there is a garuntee that there will be third-party widgets, if not full apps, on the iphone. The reason rhymes with high-spod fennector.

Storing the OS on flash and the need for firmware updates and resetting garuntees that the OS will be acessable, even if hidden. Linux on the iPod Nano testifies that people will get software where it's unofficial. Linux on ARM chips tells us that the CPU is openly gcc-supported.

And the hacking to get XP running on an intel iMac means people are willing to brickify expensive equipment in the name of science.

I predict that less than a month after iPhone's release, there'll be extensive reverse-engineering on how to hack OSX on the net. The widgets that are there will be geeks' hello world. Apple will turn a knowing blind eye to it, just so long as it doesn't become too easy (See MacOS on Dells) and sell approved apps through iTMS.

Cingular, on the other hand, will sternly resist, and probably start a cat and mouse game to lock down the phones.

It shoud be fun!
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