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Comment on "I Finally Got a Wii"
by Felix Schwarz — Jan 30
I don't own a Wii myself, never owned any gaming console myself, just the Wii controller(s). But I have to say that this is one amazing device to play with and it sure was fun to add support for it to my software Remote Buddy (although writing multithreaded Bluetooth driver code is not particularly THAT much fun ;). There are still a lot of discoveries to be made, but from a developer's perspective, if you have a look at the Wiki at and see how much features this tiny controller has to offer (and you consider its price, too), then one sure understands why the Wii gets so much more media exposure and (real) user excitement than the Xbox 360 or the PS 3. Nintendo brought "new" controller technologies to the table and with that enabled new gaming concepts - whereas the competitors more or less just upgraded their hardware.
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