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Comment on "Zelda Twilight Princess for Wii"
by Marco Masser — Feb 03
I got my Wii as soon as it was released here in Europe and of course, I grabbed Twilight Princess too. I really loved the game, unfortunately I had to finish it within one week after the launch, so I didn't see all of those nice little love-proofing details in the game. I just might start it all over again...
The only thing that annoyed me while playing the game was the fairy that's on the screen for the whole time. It's just a marker for where you're pointing your Wiimote at and it doesn't have ANY relevance during the whole game (clearly, that's why there's no such thing in the Gamecube version). The only time you have to point the Wiimote on the screen is when you shoot an arrow or a bow and then, pointing is really great. Funnily, the fairy turns to a crosshair as soon as you start aiming.

What I want to say: why include that fairy when there's no use for it?
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