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Comment on "Zelda Twilight Princess for Wii"
by Grady — Feb 04
You can turn the fairy off on the options screen, maybe you shouldn't have to do so, but you can. ;)

But then you have to use the control stick to select items on the screens brought up by minus or plus. Grrrrrrrr. It should be off during the pointless times (most of the game) and on during the times where it'd be useful!

Nevertheless, I learned to tune it out eventually.

Couldn't agree more with you, Scott. A beautiful, beautiful game, a true work of art, a masterpiece. It's the wider art world's failing that Shigeru Miyamoto and his team aren't given the recognition of, for example, their peers in film and music making.

In fact, this is a thought that has struck me twice lately: while playing Twilight Princess but also while playing the original 1985 Super Mario Bros. on the Wii's Virtual Console. My 7-year-old self thought of it as the most fun and exciting video game I'd ever played to that point; my adult self looks at it and is awestruck at the level of care, attention, and love that was so obviously put into that game. The first of its kind, and they absolutely hit it out of the park.
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