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Comment on "Objective-C and PHP Additions in TextMate 1368"
by Joachim Mrtensson — Mar 05
@David: A quicker way to access the symbol popup in TextMate is to use Shift-Command-T,

Since no one has mentioned it (It was not mentioned in the release notes). I thought I tell you that in this release the insert matching bracket command has been completely reworked. It now consults a list of known Cocoa methods before inserting the opening bracket.

And finally a trick for people who have problems reading Objective-C syntax. Since October it has been possible to color the Objective-C method names: even multipart ones. Set the "support.function.any-method" scope to the color of your choice in Fonts & Colors in Preferences.

But the possibilities does not end there! (Uses best infomercial voice). If you want the method-names to show up in different color depending on how deeply nested they are create another item with the scope set to "meta.bracketed.objc meta.bracketed.objc support.function.any-method" (yes the meta part should go twice), pick another color and the Objective-C syntax has now become easier/harder to read :). If you want to allow coloring for even deeper nested methods create another item with three "meta.bracketed.objc" in the scope selector, repeat if you want to color even deeper nested methods.
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