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Comment on "Wrap-Up From Leopard and Cocoa Bindings Talk"
by Pat Garner — Mar 10
I was a first time attendee as well. I'd been wanting to check it out for a while now, but it is a bit of a jaunt from Santa Rosa.

However, after finally making down there I can say it was well worth the trip and am totally looking forward to next month's meeting. Just being in the same room with that many people digging on cocoa and OS X development is pretty cool on it's own. Adding the cool cocoa tech tips, tricks, and tutorials along with the presence of the Apple engineers really made it a must attend event for cocoa developers.

What are the chances we'll get to have Apple engineers at future Cocoaheads meetings?

As far as meeting topics go, I'd have to say, as a cocoa addict (really an OS X development addict) I'd be stoked to see any part of the breadth of OS X development with cocoa covered. Really, I liked the feeling I got that no matter what the main topic of the evening is, it seems there'll always be a little room to work in some discussion concerning whatever cocoa tech happens to be consuming you at the moment. Even if that happens to take place with fellow attendees before or after the main event.

BTW, nice trick with NSValueTransformer. Your idea was a pretty fresh approach and it was cool to be exposed to the use of something like NSValueTransformer for that purpose. There are so many cool classes in cocoa, it's easy to miss them or forget some of them are there if they're not shoved in your face some times.

Thanks for a great meeting Scott!
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