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by Nikki — Mar 19
The Wii Play is real fun. I do like Charge though, my 5 year old enjoyed watching, and Find Mii, she was excited to find the look alikes. My god I got thru 25 levels of Find Mii. I couldnt pass the 5th level for sooooo long, then I just guessed and got it. I didnt know it was when 2 Mii's were lookin some other way from all the rest, then I read, the next time an Odd Mii out section comes up, its when they are out of rhythm with all the rest, like arms moving differently or something. Mii's swimming! OMG that was almost impossible. If you made Mii's with something distinct it'll be easier, and the more Mii's you made the easier it'll be. Mii's with sunglasses, Mii's with beauty moles on there cheek. Someone sent me Jesus, and Michael jackson!! HAHHA they are easy to find. :)
Enjoy the Wii Play! Nikki
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