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Comment on "Choosing When to Upgrade Hardware"
by Fabio M — Apr 05
What you describe reminds me a seminar of the Google Tech Talk series whose title is " The Paradox of Choice - Why More Is Less" by Barry Schwartz.

The thesis, simply put, is that by having more choices you experience paralysis instead of freedom in your decisions.

And moreover, you often feel "regretful" even when your choice is a good one, because with such an amount of alternatives there is always a "better one" with respect to the one you have taken!

This sense of regret cause self-blaming, which eventually turns to depression.

If you had two choices you would have blamed the "system" for not giving you more choices. If you have hundreds of choices you blame yourself for not having chosen the "best" option. And this happens very often when we choose.

Anyway, here it is the link to the great seminar I mentioned before:

There is also a shorter (20m) version from TED:

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