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Comment on "Choosing When to Upgrade Hardware"
by hmurchison — Apr 05
I've sold a lot of Mac in my day and you always notice the usual suspects. No one ones the current "time tested" hardware but when the new stuff comes and it "isn't" perfect they retort "I'm waiting for Rev B"

Few Mac users have really been shafted for buying Mac technology early (IIvx owners I'm not talking about you) and Macs hold their value well. I often notice a disconnect as well. The Mac Pro is aimed at high level stuff. When a model hits at $4000 that's the going rate for this level of power. It seems that many people have succombed to the ridiculous notion that "all" computers were supposed to be under $2000. I've even heard someone say "Apple should never have a computer over $3500" Huh??

I buy when i'm ready. And when a new model hits I sell the older model or move it down the chain. Sometimes it's time to stop planning and get busy computing.
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