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Comment on "Choosing When to Upgrade Hardware"
by Jose Vazquez — Apr 06
Excellent post. Here are a couple random thoughts

- The guy with the Mac 512k, apparently he held out for the 512k instead of jumping on the original 128k :-)

- Dmitry is right, when you know the a new version of the OS is REALLY around the corner, a couple more months wouldn't hurt. I would buy (if I had the cash) a Mac Pro as soon as Leopard comes out.

- In the case of buying first gen stuff. Now a days with all the blogs out there all you have to do is wait a month of so to see if any major issues bubble up. First gen iPod nanos had their displays cracking within a few weeks, overheating issues were quickly reported with macBooks. In the case of the macBooks overheating, I read the reports and decided a few people were overreacting, sure enough, I bought mine and I've had not problems. I use it on a desk, not in my lap, no prob! When the iPhone comes out, I'll give it a month or two (my contract with Verizon will be over by then :-) and keep an eye out for early reports. I don't think it is necessary to wait for the second or third gen to buy, as long as there are no serious unresolved issue with the first gen.

- In case a catastrophic flaw emerges that is not reported on early on, chances are a recall will ensue. Case in point, blazing batteries on notebooks. This is a serious flaw and it's the manufacturer's responsibility.

- About software development. I like what apple seems to be doing. The come up with the basics in the first gen. Everything works but has few options. The options that are implemented have been lavished with a lot of attention to detail. Next gen add new features with same attention to detail. You can see this almost everywhere, iLife, iWork, Apperture, OS X, etc. Sometimes the first gen don't have enough features to justify using them (iWork) but over time they get better and better.

- finally... Microsoft offers many (MANY) versions of Vista, Apple basically offers 2 (server and regular). Apple good, Microsoft.... ehh... not so good. 'nuff said.
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