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Comment on "Wrap-Up from April 12 CocoaHeads"
by Blain — Apr 15

the Mac shareware market is much different than the Windows market

Yes, yes, a thousand times yes. Although it's interesting to note that my wife's XP machine has two notable clusters of PC shareware/freeware: Stuff for The Sims 2 and map and model viewers for World of Warcraft.

I lay the blame at the feet of the different design philosophies of Apple and Microsoft. It's been said in many ways and many times, although one of the most succinct versions comes from the .NET Addict(1), of purpose vs. capability. VB and VC++ APIs, from what I saw long ago, are a case of shoveling all this things to do things, but it's up to you to make them work together coherently and keeping tabs on how they work. It's even apparent in variable names.

One very wonderful thing about Obj-C's wordiness is just that. And the wordiness displays intent and purpose. The predominant variable naming I saw in VC code was the "bad" hungarian notation where the data type was hopelessly entwined into the variable name, obscuring purpose in the name of what values it was capable of.(2)

Blain showed us a Subversion front-end he's been working on.

Things I learned from this:

  1. If nothing else, the statement that "If you're struggling with an Apple technology and it seems to be very unintuitive, you're probably doing it the wrong way." is worlds of good. Getting home and looking again at Core Data examples led to many "OH! Of course!" moments.

  2. Always make sure, before hooking up a computer to a projector, that all livejournal/youtube windows are not just hidden, but closed. Because you WILL have to bring up a web page, and hurriedly need to close them.

  3. A transcript and video is a good idea, so I could learn what I missed while I was frantically trying to get the demo to work before going up. A transcript and video is also a bad idea, because it's bad enough in front of just a room of peers with much more experience than you.(3)

(1)A PC-using yet mac-curious friend of mine pointed out with some amusement that the background graphic for the .NET addict is a close-up of a MacPro.

(2) Only in looking it up now for a link, did I learn there was a "good" hungarian notation, which is more in line with intent and purpose, but still is rather obtuse

(3)Although it would be good to share the whole "If Microsoft is the USSR, does that mean Ballmer is Gorbachev?" meme. But I like Gorby.

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