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Comment on "Thirtieth Anniversary of the Apple II"
by Tim Buchheim — Apr 16
My first computer was an Apple IIgs (ROM 3 for all of you GS owners out there)I still have it, although I haven't turned it on for a few years now.

And before that, I learned to type (and some programming in LOGO and BASIC) in my elementary school's Apple IIe lab.

Great machines.

BTW, that screenshot is most certainly not from the Apple II version of Oregon Trail. (The original Apple II only had only 6 colors for its 280x192 "high res" graphics mode: black/white/green/purple/orange/blue, with severe restrictions on which colors could appear next to each other.) The reference to the "Enter" key is another clue. (The Apple II version referred to the Return key. Apple has always labeled that key "return" rather than "enter".) See the top-most (mostly green) screenshot in the Wikipedia article for an actual screenshot of the Apple II version of the game.
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