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Comment on "First Look at Coda 1.0"
by StuFF mc — Apr 25
Roger, you can't really compare RW of SV with Coda... It's pretty easy, on a scale of "Newbie to Geek" of making a Website, the path is

1. iWeb, if you really don't understand anyting and you're cheap
2. Sandvox, if you want a flashy website but you can't customize a lot
3. Rapidweaver, if you want a pretty customizable (lots of plugins) Web, but still don't want to play around with HTML
4. Dreamweaver, if you'd like to have full control but prefer to do most of the things in the design view. Additionnaly, if you really have way too much money to spend for a Web Editor :)
5. Coda, if you're a real man :) :) Except some tiny bugs, it's really hard to think of any thing they did not implement, except maybe a Design view, but if you are a real man :)

The biggest problem with Coda, it's that it's like when Apple release some Apps : a few developers/companies are about to loose some market share ;) But once again, Coda is relly for the Geeks among us. Realize it's not like the majority of Mac Users having a Website know shit about HTML or CSS...
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