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Comment on "First Look at Coda 1.0"
by J Nozzi — Apr 25
I bought Coda after an evening of reflection but before downloading and trying it. This was one of the rare times I've ever done a buy-before-I-try, so to speak. I did so for two reasons:

1: Based on the tour on Panic's web site, it appeared there was finally a tool that did exactly what I wanted it to -- that is, it keeps track of my site files (allowing me to upload the modified files in one go), allows me to edit/preview HTML and CSS, gives me a terminal, and does it all in a single interface.

2: I'm a registered user of Transmit and hold Panic in high esteem. I have faith that, whatever its 1.0 limitations, Coda will be expanded upon and I'm sure it'll gain plenty of new features before I'll have to pay for an upgrade. It's already quite the impressive tool with plenty of promise.

After spending last evening familiarizing myself with it, I'm reasonably sure I made the right impulse ... er ... choice. As mentioned, the editor really isn't that great. I detest wrap-to-column-zero on indented lines (I'm anal like that) and I miss code folding (though with the Symbols list, it's reasonably easy to navigate my document ... I'd rather see that in an outline view with true DOM tags, though).

I not only set up my site in Coda, but all the Help Books for my products. Now I have one place to go to do "web work" and I'm in love with the idea.

What's missing, however, is Subversion support. I realize this isn't easy to do right (look at XCode's support) but it's the missing feature that would make Coda's feature set "perfect" in my eyes. Well, that and a nice database browser for at least MySQL and PostgreSQL databases ... ;-)

I look forward to many updates and improvements.
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