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Comment on "Too Much Contrast on Web Pages"
by Christopher Humphries — Apr 27
I agree it is a pain for the bright white on dark black that exists like on your Cocoa Blogs site (yet I just use the RSS feed anyways), yet I personally prefer the Cocoa Dev Central site. It is much easier to read, and, like you said, I can adjust the contrast.

I think the appropriate solution should be somewhere in the middle yet still preserve the style and feel of the site. I think what you have on Cocoa Dev Central is fine. If a small minority of people have a problem with the site, they can adjust it.

Is the extra work you're doing even enough to justify? Is the group that feels this way a big enough financial impact?

While doing sites for AAA Bobby and other disabled compliance tests is a pain (I've worked on web applications for .gov where this is mandatory), it seems only worth the effort if the effort is small and really needed.

Is this just someone complaining or is it a valid complaint that should be addressed to help the disabled community? Personally, I think it is awesome if it is on sites, yet it is hard work.
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