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Comment on "Too Much Contrast on Web Pages"
by Rob — Apr 27
@Jim Eberle: More contrast means a sharper image

No, often very high contrast creates blurriness and is the result of a moray.

I think in this case the brain can not coup with the combinations of colors, not everyone can see the disruption, so lack of focus results in the perception.

Or another way to put it is that vision problems results in some seeing a color a little different from what is there, color blindness, so it looks annoying to them.

But of course screen differences add to the confusion of the problem.

I once joked around at work that I was color blind, not a good idea if you are a tester. I did this because I have a LOT of experience with seeing things at night lit by lights that have a very narrow color spectrum, so I think I know what color blindness is like and wonder if we all do not have a bit of a skew on exactly how we see colors via our eyes not having exactly the same ability to see ALL colors.

Some are higher resolution then others, some have brain glitches that augment color perception.
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