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Comment on "Too Much Contrast on Web Pages"
by Blain — Apr 28

The new screens must be REALLY BRIGHT because on my old Aluminum 15 I can't see ANYTHING that has too much contrast.

Seconding that with my TiBook. Although that's not the real issue, because even black on white is hard to read in the sunny outdoors. Although typically I'm either indoors or out of Wifi range, so it's moot, compared to my Hiptop.

There, it's harder to read, but fortunately CocoaDevCentral and CocoaBlogs are both piles of links, and the highlighted link text is turned to white on blue, mooting the issue.

(Now, if you could convince Gruber to allow a setting to make a black text on white override his dull grey on darker dull grey, then I would so be interested. What I really should do is find/make a filter site that, given an url, simply strips out includes. Hiptop's handling of CSS and Javascript leaves much to be desired, and I can only disable the javascript...)

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