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Comment on "Too Much Contrast on Web Pages"
by Jon Hendry — Apr 28
I'm one who, generally, prefers black text on white. (For that matter, I don't find Apple's text docs very easy to read. I think it's the font. I guess I'd prefer a serif face. Lucida Grande or whatever is fine for brief online help docs, but I find it tiresome for longer stretches of text about an API, and I find it easy to lose my place because the text all looks the same.)

Incidentally, i find Apple's factory LCD color profiles to be a bit washed out and over-bright. I calibrate mine to have a gamma that produces a darker, more contrasty appearance. I find that a lot more effective and aesthetically pleasing than the contrast controls in Universal Access.

Perhaps as a compromise you could try darkening the text a bit and lightening the background a bit. Maybe move the text halfway between black and the current setting, and the background halfway between white and its current setting. Or maybe just darken the text that way.
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