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Comment on "First Look at Coda 1.0"
by Magnus Nordlander — Apr 28

I took a look at Coda as well. First impression: cool. Second impression: dang, I can't use this...

Why? Well, I develop sites using the Symfony framework (which isn't entirely unlike RoR). This means that the path on the disk doesn't necessarily mean anything for which URL the module and it's actions will use. Also, since it uses the decorator pattern I usually never see the entire HTML at once.

This means that I can't really use the preview features of Coda. Also, I use subversion for almost any web project, which means that using the FTP happens only when I deploy a project, for which using transmit is fine by me.

This pretty much means sticking to TextMate (which I really like anyway), because not being able to do everything in the same app sort of defeats the purpose of Coda, which also makes it impossible to justify paying $79 for it.

If the possibility to use Symfony from within Coda, well, that would be an entirely different story :)

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