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Comment on "WWDC Bash in San Francisco"
by Anonymous coward — May 04
So you don't think it's yet another cost-cutting measure on the part of WWDR, along the lines of the session DVDs, food, refreshments, ...

I was speaking to a member of WWDR staff 2 years ago (at WWDC '05) and they were mulling the idea over for doing this for last year ('06). They cited cost as the main reason (the endless buses, the scale of the food, security staff on campus), nothing to do with how many people they could fit into the campus quadrant.

You'd think that, considering they sell more tickets each year, they'd be able to improve the service wouldn't you?

That said, I was glad to see power strips down the aisles of some (of the smaller) session rooms last year - a great help when you're using the laptop all day.

Also the company store gets worse and worse each year in terms of queues (because there are more and more attendees each year, but only the 1 same shop), so hopefully they'll be bringing the company store to WWDC this year...
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