WWDC Bash in San Francisco

A number of people have commented on the WWDC bash being moved to San Francisco this year. I don't know the "official" reasoning for it, but I remember very clearly my impression of the bash last year.

In the middle of the event, I stood in the quad, looked around and thought "Wow, this is great. Look at all of these Mac developers." About two-point-one seconds later, my thought was "Ummmm, where are they going to put all of these people next year?"

As nice as it is to hang out on campus, there is a finite amount of room there, and it was cramped even last year. Ultimately, it's a good problem to have, and San Francisco is not exactly a low-key place. It also has the distinct advantage of not being an hour away from the conference center.

Keep in mind that you're still allowed to go to the external part of the Apple Campus itself and the Company Store. Many people stop by and take their picture in front of Building 1.

Caltrains Station on Google Maps

You can take a cab (or even just walk) from Moscone West to the train station at 4th and King, go down to the South Bay (Sunnyvale is a good stop), and call a cab for a 15 minute ride to the campus. The Caltrain site has schedules.

In any case, maybe there's something be said for the fact that the WWDC bash in San Francisco is a brand new thing, so no one knows what to expect yet.
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WWDC Bash in San Francisco
Posted May 4, 2007 — 10 comments below


Anonymous coward — May 04, 07 4028

So you don't think it's yet another cost-cutting measure on the part of WWDR, along the lines of the session DVDs, food, refreshments, ...

I was speaking to a member of WWDR staff 2 years ago (at WWDC '05) and they were mulling the idea over for doing this for last year ('06). They cited cost as the main reason (the endless buses, the scale of the food, security staff on campus), nothing to do with how many people they could fit into the campus quadrant.

You'd think that, considering they sell more tickets each year, they'd be able to improve the service wouldn't you?

That said, I was glad to see power strips down the aisles of some (of the smaller) session rooms last year - a great help when you're using the laptop all day.

Also the company store gets worse and worse each year in terms of queues (because there are more and more attendees each year, but only the 1 same shop), so hopefully they'll be bringing the company store to WWDC this year...

map — May 04, 07 4029

It would be nice if WWDR were a bit more public in explaining changes, imo.

While discussing cost-cutting measures, it might also be of interest that there isn't going to be a student sunday this year...

Julian — May 04, 07 4030

And I would like to see better laptop package or backpack too.
I was kinda of disappointed to the one in '06. ;)

Mark Dalrymple — May 04, 07 4031

I hope they still have enclaves of Apple engineers at various spots. The campus bash is one of the best ways I found to get quick one-on-one support for specific weird problems.

But I won't mind spending the time getting to and from the campus.

rentzsch — May 04, 07 4032

Busses are definitely expensive -- I learned that lesson from C4[0] (and planned C4[1] so I wouldn't need any this time 'round).

Also consider WWDC is now large enough to have no wiggle room. Financially, the event industry has painted a big red target on Apple's back. I wouldn't be shocked if they're paying full retail for those busses, even with their volume. Actually, I wouldn't be surprised if they were paying retail-plus.

The nice thing about having a small conference is that you have actual vendor competition.

Rob — May 04, 07 4033

Are there multiple theater screens at the new SF location.

My guess is they will be showing new 3D techs from Disney, soon to be Disney/Apple collaborations.

Nigel Kersten — May 04, 07 4034

I'm suspicious that this is just a cost cutting measure too, but I'm not really that fussed.

The whole lining up at Moscone, trundling onto buses, trekking down to Cupertino, and then doing the whole thing in reverse at the end of the night just means you don't actually spend that much time at the bash itself, and is kind of a pain in the arse.

Maybe this will mean that the food improves or Jamba Juice will make a return appearance... :)

The lack of a Student Sunday is a bigger deal I reckon...

Rob — May 05, 07 4038

The bash being at the Apple campus is a new thing.

I can't remember exactly when it started but I think was 2003.

Its designed to sell the expensive hotel rooms since those hotels might have free limo rides around town.

Before that it was at the science and art museum.

And before that it was at some vacant lot, the science and art parking lot I think, where they had all kinds of carnival stuff, and a climbing wall.

Everyone was avoiding the big club to smash the ringer and ring the bell, the STRONG MAN TEST.

So I did it with one arm and just rang the bell, the big guy that was running it looked at me like I WAS AMAZING !!!

Electrical Muscle Stimulation was the source of my power, then Jezebel cut my hair ...

Scott Stevenson — May 05, 07 4039 Scotty the Leopard

@Mark Dalrymple: I hope they still have enclaves of Apple engineers at various spots. The campus bash is one of the best ways I found to get quick one-on-one support for specific weird problems

That's a good point. That said, I think the labs at the actual conference are good for technical questions, especially since you don't have to yell over music and other people talking. The enclaves are good for informal meetings, though.

From UK — Jun 09, 07 4261

Thanks for the travel info - It got me to the store yesterday (Fri 8th June 2007). There is a bus stop out the front of apple on N De Anza Blvd and the 55 bus will take you back to the station (I think the 54 from the front of station may take you down to Apple, but you would have to check that as I got a cab ($15.00)). Also whilst at the store the staff said they are going to be open from midday this Sunday (10th June) to give WWDC attendees a chance to get down there.


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