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Comment on "WWDC Bash in San Francisco"
by Rob — May 05
The bash being at the Apple campus is a new thing.

I can't remember exactly when it started but I think was 2003.

Its designed to sell the expensive hotel rooms since those hotels might have free limo rides around town.

Before that it was at the science and art museum.

And before that it was at some vacant lot, the science and art parking lot I think, where they had all kinds of carnival stuff, and a climbing wall.

Everyone was avoiding the big club to smash the ringer and ring the bell, the STRONG MAN TEST.

So I did it with one arm and just rang the bell, the big guy that was running it looked at me like I WAS AMAZING !!!

Electrical Muscle Stimulation was the source of my power, then Jezebel cut my hair ...
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