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Comment on "Using RadarWeb: The Apple Bug Reporter"
by Patrick — May 06
Although recently restyled, I still find Bug Reporter to be one of the worst bug systems in use today. The name probably says it all: it is a bug reporter, not a bug tracker. It is a black box for dropping of your bug reports. Anyone who has experience with more capable alternatives will get frustrated with it very soon.

The biggest problem with it is that you're confined to your own bugs. Sure, there now is a search function, but it still only searches your own bugs... It would be incredibly useful to be able search all bugs in the database, before filing a report. To be able to amend existing reports instead of creating duplicates. To get instant confirmation that your bug is indeed a bug. To get a workaround suggestion for it.

In my experience, any non-trivial coding project for Mac OS X runs into a few bugs. Bug Reporter could be a useful tool while navigating these situations. At the moment it is not.
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