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Comment on "Using RadarWeb: The Apple Bug Reporter"
by Blain — May 06

As frustrating as it is, it's done intentionally like that. If the bug's already listed, you're less likely to add in your take on it, which might have additional, crucial information that wasn't in the previous bug listings. It ironically also forces Apple to maintain the bug tracking better, because nobody else can do it, and they can't assume devs are sorting the bugs into the right categories themselves.

The other reason that it only displays what you already know is to avoid revealing things. That is, searching the database for known exploits or possible entries for such. Or for using the database to guess private information regarding unannounced software. Apparently, someone had listed 'MacOS X does not work on intel CPUs' as a bug before the 2005 WWDC. Imagine if they saw that issue closed as 'resolved' before then!

Still, however, it would be nice if a duplicate bug wasn't 'closed' in as much 'confirmed' or some other word that connotes "Still open, found elsewhere, but we're working on it." And that duplicate bugs could see workarounds. IE, find the bug, post it, and after submitting the bug and it's determined to be a duplicate, instant response of known workarounds, so you can't simply troll to find bugs.

Maybe I should send these requests in to radar...

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