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Comment on "Using RadarWeb: The Apple Bug Reporter"
by Scott Stevenson — May 06
@Marco Masser: Which means, if your DTS is about to expire and you know someone who could need it, you can transfer it to their account

I believe the terms of use restrict transfer to those within your organization. That certainly seems to be the intention anyway.

@Patrick: The biggest problem with it is that you're confined to your own bugs. Sure, there now is a search function, but it still only searches your own bugs...

As Blain says, that's a conscious decision. Many of the bugs contain confidential information, and not just information about Apple products. Third party developers want to be able to discuss how their applications are using API without the general public watching what they're doing. There is, however, a tracking aspect to the tool, in that it allows you track and see the status of your own bugs.
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