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Comment on "Using RadarWeb: The Apple Bug Reporter"
by Patrick — May 06
I don't think the arguments for keeping the bug database as closed as it is are ultimately convincing. It would be relatively easy in this web 2.0 age to provide a bug tracking solution that is openly accessible but still provides confidentiality when necessary.

I would like to see Bug Reporter evolve into a 'two way' system. Instead of just putting information in, I would like to get information out as well. A side effect would be that more people would use Bug Reporter, which would be a good thing for all parties involved (hence this Theocacao article?).

Another Bug Reporter peeve: I'd like a 'confirmed' status for submitted bugs. Simple things like that somehow give me a considerable sense of gratification. Maybe I'm not that hard to please after all ;-)

I'll add it to the 'open' stack.
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