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Comment on "Using RadarWeb: The Apple Bug Reporter"
by blain — May 07

It would be relatively easy in this web 2.0 age to provide a bug tracking solution that is openly accessible but still provides confidentiality when necessary.

It's not a technology issue, it's a cultural issue. We're also talking about the same Apple where fans scoured the job listings for hints of where the next Apple Store would open, or the US Patent and Trademark Office entries to see what names Apple has registered, or even random urls at to see if there's any information uploaded but unlinked. I fear the amount of effort needed to filter and confidential-ize any unannounced features would outweigh things.

That said, however, it would be nice to have a secondary, more accessible bug tracking database, for things already open source like Darwin code, or linking to Apache's bug tracker if it's an issue with OSS projects that Apple uses. But this would not be easy to do.

Another Bug Reporter peeve: I'd like a 'confirmed' status for submitted bugs. Simple things like that somehow give me a considerable sense of gratification.

This I can agree with. Confirmed could also be used for 'closed due to duplicate'. Let us know we're not crazy.

This is cool. I'm trolling! Whee!

How do I translate 'Letting Apple know about bugs saves us time and money when we don't have to make the workarounds, and therefore, is a win-win situation' into Slashdot-ese?

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