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Comment on "Using RadarWeb: The Apple Bug Reporter"
by Scott Stevenson — May 12
Apple won't tell you if they will fix it. Apple won't tell you when a fix will be released.

If something will not be fixed, it will be marked as something along the lines of "behaves correctly." Assigning a particular ship date to each request is completely impractical. Again, bug reporter is not just for "bugs," it's for any sort of enhancement. Knowing the ship date of a particular feature or fix for Mac OS X has much different ramifications than the ship date for a particular issue in, say, SQLite or Apache.

So developer time on the outside of Apple is squandered mercilessly, reproducing and entering always the same bugs. Good for Apple though, because they get more test cases.

The additional test cases are often essential to fixing the issue. As a developer, you must realize that when you can narrow the point of failure, the fix is much easier to implement. If you have one reported incident, it could be due to anything, including somebody spilling coffee on the keyboard.

Apple on the other hand get's quality control for free. For Apple's beta phases it's even better, because top-notch developers will happily pay for the privilege of getting preview-releases

Well, it's certainly not for free, because people have to be employeed to screen all of that feedback. In any case, just by participating in the world you're constantly helping other people make money. Even contributing to fully open source projects helps for-profit companies that use that code in various ways. Many people here are employed by for-profit companies.

You don't have to use the tool or sign up for the developer program, of course. I don't think that occassionally spending 15 minutes to write up an issue is that big of a deal. The point of this post was to let people know that this is an option available to them they can exercise if they choose.
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